July 2011 Showcasing In My Kitchen

Thank you Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for this great idea! Before I can start blogging about what is new in my kitchen each month, I am going to introduce you to the tiny space that is called my kitchen! This is it as of July 2011.

my kitchen July 2011
my kitchen July 2011

I have made a small collection of my photos as my kitchen is small. In the top left is the butchers block I designed which has a cutting board and a gas burner. The bottom is used to store the gas and my blender and chopping boards. Next to that is my stove and oven. The oven and warmer drawers are used as cupboard space. The drawers next to that are FULL of all my kitchen utensils, spices … The third photo shows my entire workspace which includes my Kitchen Aid!

First in the middle is my appliance collection – kettle, toaster, coffee maker and an LG light oven. Next to that is my double door fridge/freezer. I have another fridge/freezer for the jars and jars of stuff I make as well as to keep the crayfish and fish plus the ice cream! Next to that you will see where my extras are stored!

The first photo at the bottom is my sink and dishwasher. I have a washing machine/tumble dryer tucked away in the dining room! The last two photo’s show all my storage containers as I am a bit of a neat freak.

Of course, last but not least here is my recipe book collection:

my kitchen July 2011
my kitchen July 2011

Next month I hope to showcase what is new and exciting in my kitchen! Happy cooking everyone 🙂

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32 thoughts on “July 2011 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. I thought my kitchen was small. They say everything is bigger in the US. I guess that includes small kitchens!
    I’ll have to take some pictures of my kitchen and post them!
    I’m a bit embarrassed about my cookbook collection. I am a bit obsessed! Being able to purchase without leaving home is not good.
    I’ve enjoyed your post and look forward to your reading your What’s New in my Kitchen.

    1. thanks so much! This is by far one of the smallest kitchens I have worked in – even the apartment I stayed in in New York had a bigger kitchen. We live in a cottage and so the kitchen had to fit the space! Thankfully we are building a house and that will have a real kitchen in it. I look forward to your post 🙂

  2. I LOVE seeing other people’s kitchens !
    Yours is so lovely. I adore the extra storage space that you made above your cupboards and all the containers – eek. I too have a tiny kitchen, although it is a LOT bigger than the one I had last year, which was closed in its own room. I’m inspired to do a post on my kitchen too.
    Love this post.

    1. thanks Caylee. I am a neat freak and so the lock and go containers are a vital part of my kitchen! Look forward to seeing your kitchen post 🙂

  3. Tandy, what a lovely workspace you have! Thanks for the shout-out as well!

    I am so impressed that you manage to keep such a small space so tidy – I suspect I’d trash it and then go out to dinner every night.. 😉

  4. Tandy, you have used every space in that little kitchen as perfectly as I’ve ever seen. I’ve had a tiny kitchen before, it’s hard. It’s so neat and tidy. Mine is not so neat, or so tidy. I blame my tween and my teen. Sad, but true. I’ve got a galley style kitchen (meaning long, but not super wide) I’ve got a ton of counter space, not that I use it all well (I’ve got flat surface disorder…meaning if I find a flat, clean space I am likely to cover it with something…it’s a horrible disorder)

    Have a super weekend!

    1. I love your disorder! I think we have the same problem – I cover every part of the kitchen I can with appliances! That is why I need the storage space for all the gadgets! Have a great Sunday 🙂

    1. Thanks Michelle! I am going to get the kitchen people in soon to start working up some ideas – all I can say is that it is going to have lots of worktop space 🙂

  5. I must say that I am amazed that you are able to create such wonderful dishes from the tiny space, only a well organized person can pull that off. Btw I know your cooking from letterdash 🙂

  6. Your kitchen is small- but mighty!
    I love all the small pictures.
    My husband just made me purge my cookbook collection- I’m going into withdrawal!

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