July 2011 Showcasing In My Kitchen

Thank you Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for this great idea! Before I can start blogging about what is new in my kitchen each month, I am going to introduce you to the tiny space that is called my kitchen! This is it as of July 2011.

my kitchen July 2011

I have made a small collection of my photo’s as my kitchen is small. In the top left is the butchers block I designed which has a cutting board and a gas burner. The bottom is used to store the gas and my blender and chopping boards. Next to that is my stove and oven. The oven and warmer drawers are used as cupboard space. The drawers next to that are FULL of all my kitchen utensils, spices … The third photo shows my entire work space which includes my Kitchen Aid!

First in the middle is my appliance collection – kettle, toaster, coffee maker and an LG light oven. Next to that is my double door fridge/freezer. I have another fridge/freezer for the jars and jars of stuff I make as well as to keep the crayfish and fish plus the ice cream! Next to that you will see where my extra’s are stored!

The first photo at the bottom is my sink and dishwasher. I have a washing machine/tumble dryer tucked away in the dining room! The last two photo’s show all my storage containers as I am a bit of a neat freak.

Of course, last but not least here is my recipe book collection:

my kitchen July 2011

Next month I hope to showcase what is new and exciting in my kitchen! Happy cooking everyone 🙂

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