July 2013 Showcasing In My Kitchen

I cannot believe I am typing the word July already! This being my birthday month is my favourite month of the year! Come and take a peek what I am showcasing in July 2013.

In My Kitchen July 2013

is some fresh turmeric. You do not understand how excited I was to see this. I found it two days before we left for overseas but I had to buy some and use it straight away. First I made some turmeric roasted cauliflower to see how this fresh product works. Well done to my local Pick ‘n Pay for finally stocking an ‘unusual’ ingredient.

Fresh Turmeric

in my kitchen ….

is a packet of lime seasoning that was sent to be by Knorr. I am going to use it the next time a recipe calls for citric soda as that is the main ingredient.

Lime Seasoning

in my kitchen ….

is my copy of Jackie Cameron Cooks At Home. I will be reviewing the book and sharing a recipe some time this month.

Jackie Cameron Cooks At Home

in my kitchen ….

is a bottle of balsamic vinegar that we bought while in Modena. We went into a shop and the choice of balsamic vinegar’s was huge. I did not know which was the best one to buy but I decided that I would look at the age first, and then the packaging as I needed to get the bottle safely home from Italy.

Balsamic Vinegar

in my kitchen ….

is a gnocchi board. I read an article on Bologna and one of the places that was recommended was a large store that has a great homeware section. The homeware section as not great, but I found this board and now I have to make gnocchi again!

Gnocchi Board

in my kitchen ….

are two packets of seeds I bought in Venice. Chantelle asked for some watercress – and I have shared the pack with her. I also got myself some rhubarb for my vegetable planter. Now all I need it soil ….

Seeds From Italy

in my kitchen ….

is specialty pasta from Venice. I saw this packet at the Rialto and went back to buy more for my friend Erica as a gift – hers are little gondolas.

Pasta From Venice

in my kitchen ….

are two bottles of wine. I attended a World Of Wine Tasting hosted by Checkers and I received one bottle as a gift. The other one I won for tweeting during the event.

Checkers World Of Wine

in my kitchen ….

is a wooden box of 6 wines that I received as a gift after attending the launch of the Culinaria range of wines at Leopard’s Leap. I have a super recipe that I will be sharing with you later in the month.


in my kitchen ….

is a bottle of olive oil that I was sent from Olyfberg. It has been packaged in aid of Cansa so please buy one in support, the next time you need olive oil. (picture replaced in 2014 due to upload issues with the original)

Olyfberg Olive Oil

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