July 2014 Showcasing In My Kitchen

There has not been much going on in my kitchen this month but at least there are a few things that I can share with all of you, and of course with the lovely Celia from Fig Jam And Lime Cordial who brings us all together each month. Come and take a peek what I am showcasing in July 2014.

In My Kitchen July 2014

I have a supplier who insists that my orders are over R1000 but they never seem to have stock of half the goods I need, and then they want me to collect! Last month, to get my order value up I added lavender vinegar to the list. I have not tried it yet, and will report back once I have done so.

lavender vinegar

I also have some raw cacao nibs that I am going to use for choc chip cookies some time soon. In the meanwhile I added half a cup to my last batch of granola and that is so tasty I am tempted to blog a new recipe!

raw cacao nibs

Next I have some dulse flakes. These are one of the ingredients that should be in the recipe I have for coriander pesto, but until now I could not find them here at a reasonable price. Next time I make a batch of pesto I will add them in. I still have no clue what they taste like!

dulse flakes

My friend Alex who has blogged here has a feature in the Leisure Wheels Magazine which documented his visit to Triggerfish Brewery and includes a recipe for curry! Alex makes great curries so I shall have to try this one out soon.

Leisure Wheels Magazine

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