July 2015 Showcasing In My Kitchen

It is July 2015 and winter has arrived with a vengeance in the Western Cape. It is weather for hearty soups, casseroles and snuggling under the blanket with my 3 Jack Russell’s! Celia from Fig Jam And Lime Cordial kindly gathers us together each month to show off what is in our kitchens. This month I have quite a lot of things in my kitchen to share with you all.

In My Kitchen July 2015

When we did the master class wine tasting at Fairview we were given magnetic badges for being such good sports! I am using mine on my fridge to keep the recipes I am making in place.

Badges From Fairview

I am not the world’s best food stylist, but I do try! And to make my styling a bit more fun I bought myself some chefs tweezers. I hope I have the patience to use them.

Chefs Tweezers

I had 1.2 litres of guava juice

Guava Juice

which I used by pressing fresh guavas (which I received from the lovely Teresa), through my juicer. I am hoping to turn the juice into something special. In the meantime I have frozen it until I have time to make the best use of my juice.


I bought 2 bottles of the Rose and Pomegranate Infusions at the GF&WS. Sadly, the lid is not very good so I would suggest if you buy a bottle that you drink it the same day you open it. I have been using the flat infusions to poach guavas in.


My old pizza pan lasted 4 years but the handles are now giving way, and the non stick coating is scratched (my fault). I bought a new pizza pan which I have found is larger than the older one. I have been baking biscuits every few days using it.

Pizza Pan

From the GF&WS I also came home with the best finishing olive oil I have tasted in South Africa. I have told Dave he cannot use this for cooking as it is that special, and quite pricey for ordinary use. Now I have to make risottos!

Plantation 36 Olive Oil

Also as part of my ‘insect pack‘ was a scorpion sucker. I had to get a nice photograph of the sucker so that you could clearly see the scorpion. Don’t worry, the sting has been removed 🙂

Scorpion Sucker

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