In My Kitchen – June 2012

Please join Celia, who blogs over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, by sharing what is in your kitchen with us!

There is no photograph of what was in my fridge on the first, as we were in Scotland! We had an awesome holiday and hopefully in a few weeks time I will be able to share our experiences with you.

In my kitchen …..

Is some Patum Peperium, a new product for me, but something Dave is very familiar with. We bought two home with us from Scotland. One for our fridge, and the other for Dave’s fishing friend.

© A Little Goes A Long Way – It Is Very Strong

In my kitchen …..

(well, in my garden) are some carrot seeds. I am finally able to start planting in our bottom garden and so I have started with carrots.

© As We Are All Topsy Turvy Here, I Can Sow These Now

In my kitchen …..

Is my new recipe book full of Italian delights! I have already tried two recipes from this and will start sharing with you soon.

© Hands On Workshop At The Good Food And Wine Show

In my kitchen …

Is this amazing seasoning from Scotland that has the most amazing vibrant colours. I am going to create a special dish with it when I have caught up (going on holiday does that to you, leaves you far behind in your work and I am going away again this month).

© My Lovely New Seasoning

In my kitchen …

Is a small cooler bag. I have a square one from Marks & Spencer and it travels with us all over the world. This size is perfect for the car to keep lunches cold.

© My New Cooler Bag – All The Way From Heathrow

In my kitchen …

I found Nigella seeds in Scotland and so I had to buy them as I have not seen them here. My curry cook book is about to make an appearance again.

© New Recipes To Try!

In my kitchen …

Is a cooler block – this kept our langoustines cold during an entire day of being in the car! It was a gift from the owner of Relish on the Isle of Skye as she knew we were travelling back to Ballatar.

© this was given to us free with langoustines we bought on the Isle of Skye

In my kitchen …

is my signed copy of Tom Kitchin’s recipe book which I have used for guidance on numerous occasions already.

my signed copy which we used straight away

Wishing you all a joyful June.


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