June 2013 Showcasing In My Kitchen

I am writing this post as the month goes along so that I have something to share on the 1st of June 2013 as far as what is happening in my kitchen.

not in my kitchen ….

I was so excited when my marrow plant started budding! But I have a tortoise and she ate her way through my marrow plants as well as my peas. Now I am changing my garden yet again and so what was going to be a lavender bed is now going to be a vegetable planter. I have to get soil delivered for that which I will do when we get back from overseas. This bed will be turned over for root vegetables which Stanley cannot destroy!

Baby Marrow Plant

in my kitchen ….

is some coconut water. I finally have a recipe in mind for it so hopefully soon I will be able to get it made and share the results with you if it works!

Coconut Water

in my kitchen ….

is agar-agar. I bought this on a whim and hopefully it will turn out to be a good buy.

Agar Agar

in my kitchen ….

are two packets of pasta that Dave and I got in our goody bags after the Fair Lady reader’s evening.


not in my kitchen ….

but I had to share, is Misty in her basket. She has an elephant stuffed toy which Molly wanted so I got Molly the stuffed monkey. Both of the toys are now in the basket, but Misty is the only dog who will sleep in it.


in my kitchen ….

is a gift of olives and honey from Waterkloof Wine Estate. I am a member of their wine club and this was a small gift we received when we went to a members event at the estate.

Honey And Olives

in my kitchen ….

is a bottle of sparkling pear juice. I bought it when I went to Solms-Delta and I will report back once I have tried it.

Dik Delta Perry

in my kitchen ….

was a cupcake! Dave go that as a thank you for making dinner after the Col’Cacchio function. I was given the cupcake together with the heat resistant glove whose smart yellow dot turns red when it is hot!

Gifts From Col’Cacchio

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What I blogged:

I am in Italy and will return to work on the 5th of June. I will reply to blog comments then. This post has been scheduled in advance. If you want to follow our daily diary while we are away, click here.

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