June 2016 Showcasing In My Kitchen

Today I am sharing with you what is new in my kitchen in June 2016. Maureen who blogs over at Orgasmic Chef gathers us together each month to showcase our recent finds and buys. I am still slowing down my purchases to make moving easier. When I was in Johannesburg my aunt gave me some fresh horseradish to plant. I fear I might have left this too long before doing so, but I will report back.

Fresh Horseradish June 2016
Fresh Horseradish

My May FOMO box arrived and I was slightly disappointed as for two months in a row I had been sent hot chocolate. It has not really been cold enough to make hot chocolate, and it is a treat we seldom indulge in. I made mini pops with my nieces using one sachet from the April box. It is also the second time we got salted caramel popcorn. I have been experimenting with coconut sugar to make honeycomb so I was quite excited to see a jar of this in the box as I still don’t have the recipe quite right. The fiery ginger beer is meant to be used for the beer bread – it is the perfect summer alcoholic beverage for me so I will make the bread on a warm day as the recipe does not use all of the ginger beer. The pear and walnut relish will be served with a cheese board the next time we have guests and the olives will be used up in our nightly salad. The stock powder had me giggling as it is chicken style and contains no animal content. I am not big in stock powders that use maize as a filler but it will get used up for the soups I make during winter. The whole nutmeg will last me quite some time but as I have a nutmeg grater it will be my first choice when I need ground nutmeg.

May FOMO Box June 2016
May FOMO Box

My sister gifted me the most amazing spoon which is to get the last of anything out of a jar. It is made by Dreamfarm which is a company based in Brisbane. They have been going for 10 years now and there was a lovely note of thanks to their family and supporters in the box. Their motto is ‘problem solved!’ I used it this weekend to get the last of my body lotion out of the bottle. It is amazing how much gets left behind once the pump action shows the bottle as being empty.

Supoon June 2016

Van Loveren Wine Estate sent me 3 bottles of red wine and a bottle of Cape Ruby as part of their All Fired Up campaign for this winter. I cannot wait to get the wine opened and to enjoy it with some hearty food I shall be preparing this season. My trend prediction for the colder months is a lot of slow cooked meals prepared with cheaper cuts of meat. This means that I can use the red wine in my cooking as well.

Van Loveren Wines
Van Loveren Wines

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26 thoughts on “June 2016 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Ok – so many things to comment on here… 1. You’re moving? How did I miss that? 2. It’s a bit cheeky of that company to give you hot choc two months in a row – they must have heaps in the warehouse 3. Massel stock is my absolute fave. I always have the ‘chicken’ powder on hand in case I need a umami boost in casseroles as it’s not salty. I also usually use their liquid stock in risotto as it’s also not too salty and vego friendly for my many veg friends 4. DReam Farm – I love them. They have a warehouse sale once a year (usually at Christmas). They make great products. I was thrilled to see one had made it’s way to Gordon’s Bay! cheers xxx

    1. Thanks for the heads up about how great the stock is, and I think you are right, they had far too much of the hot chocolate in stock. Not sure how anyone has missed that we are building but I think I better blog about it 🙂

  2. Well what can I say? Great things come from Brisbane 😉 Nothing like fresh horseradish either.

    1. HI, we are building a house on the same property where we currently live. So, the move is about 10 paces away 🙂

  3. Hi Tandy, I always look forward to what’s in your kitchen blogs though I do not comment.
    I am a regular reader all the way from letterdash 🙂
    Have you heard from Orignal Cin lately? I do check her blog often hoping to catch a new post. Pass my regards if you are still in contact and maybe persuade her to return, she is a darling.

      1. Many thanks for giving me the heads up about Sparkle’s message Tandy. Although I always read your blog, I seldom log in to comment. Sparkle, I will resume blogging soon. Love and miss you xxx

  4. Sorry I haven’t been around much Tandy – been so many changes and challenges of late.
    Have a wonderful weekend and looking forward to seeing your new kitchen.
    🙂 Mandy xo

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