March 2016 Showcasing In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen March 2016

March 2016 signals the start of a quiet month. February came and went in a blink. We went to the restaurant at the new hotel in Gordons Bay for Valentines dinner and it was a good meal and evening out. We celebrated the wedding of my cousin to an amazing young man, and Dave left me at home alone with our new Boxer puppy, Scarlett. On a more somber note, our lovely hostess Maureen from Orgasmic Chef suffered a tragic loss and my heart goes out to her and her family.

I always use my birthday money to get something serious for my kitchen. And by serious, I mean expensive. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to share this with you but here is my July 2015 birthday present, a Kitchen Aid Artisan Blender.

Kitchen Aid Blender Empire Red

It comes standard with a glass jug and culinary jar

Culinary Jar

and in the month I ordered mine, it came with a free gift of a plastic jug that has been most useful.

Plastic Jug

I have now used up all of my granary bread flour but I am going to ask Mark to bring a packet with him to Holland when we meet up in September for our annual holiday.

Granary Bread Flour

I really enjoyed the farmers’ market at Paardevlei which closed down last year with very short notice. It has reopened and we went, looking for JJ organics

Organic Vegetables

but sadly he was no longer there. The vegetables for sale did not look good, and together with another stand selling grapes, these were the only two farmers’ stands at the market. Hopefully I will be able to find the mushroom people somewhere else, as they farm just up the road from where I live. We won’t be going back to the market, that is for sure!

Wild Mushrooms

My February FOMO Box had green olives which I have been adding to our salads, fig preserves which I have set aside for the next time I serve a cheese board, ButtaNut spread which I sell through my own business and love. The bottle of chocolate macadamia tree nut spread is sitting on my desk at work to be enjoyed for breakfast. The sriracha is lurking in the fridge waiting for me to be brave enough to try this super hot sauce. The biltong was the first item to be devoured and Dave really enjoyed the nibbly bits crackers. I have put the biscuits into the cupboard as we still have not opened the box from last month. The ‘vin ordinaire’ was a lovely bottle of red which I served chilled. The bubbly is ‘on ice’ for when our friends John and Dorothy next come for supper.

February FOMO Box

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