November 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

I am so excited it is November, and I can start counting the sleeps until my sister arrives in South Africa from Sydney. It will have been exactly a year since she left when I go up to Johannesburg and in that time my niece, Sasha has learned to read and Nadia has started walking and talking. This is a busy month for me socially and I am not sure how many blog posts I am going to get done between now and the 28th! But, to kick start the month, here is what is new in my kitchen November 2012.

in my kitchen ….

are leeks out of my garden. I used some last night to make asparagus soup and I shall be planting more as they grow so well.


in my kitchen ….

are ducks eggs – they are seasonal and I am getting mine straight from Vergenoegd where John uses ducks to clear his vineyards of snails.

Scrambled Duck Eggs

in my kitchen ….

is a loaf of French Bread that I took with me when I went to cook with Sam. She styled all the photographs but this is one that I took with my camera.

French Bread

Sadly, that is it for this month! I have a few new things that I have not yet photographed and as the 1st kind of crept up and surprised me this is all that I have to share! We were away for the weekend and I have come home with a severe case of contact dermatitis. The last thing I can think of is my computer when I get home from work as I am on antihistamines and cortisone and they really knock me out.

I am submitting this November 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen post to IMK hosted by Celia of Fig Jam And Lime Cordial

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