October 2011 Showcasing In My Kitchen

Celia who blogs over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, has initiated a concept for us to share what is in our kitchens. Welcome to what was new in my kitchen in September (In My Kitchen October 2011)

I am starting with a picture of the inside of my fridge.

In My Kitchen October 2011 my fridge
in my fridge

This was an initiation by Food and The Fabulous which I missed participating in.

I got this:

nomu indian rub
nomu indian rub

because I bought myself this:

In My Kitchen October 2011 le creuset crepe pan with wooden rateau
le creuset crepe pan with wooden rateau

since we visited Brittany I have wanted the rateau and so bought the whole crepe pan!

otherwise known as a fuu fuu, or a chinwag, this was purchased to make my life easier when I make a crayfish bisque

In My Kitchen October 2011 chinois

We spent our annual holiday barging the Midi Canal (a post to follow one day) and we returned with a tin of cassoulet, the regional food of the area. We had guests for dinner and here is the meal, all prepared:

In My Kitchen October 2011 cassoulet

I got myself a silpat – I should have invested in one of these years ago! It fits perfectly into my pizza pan and when we have a proper stove I will get the larger one.

In My Kitchen October 2011 silpat

I found this fantastic preservative and sugar free juice at Pulp in Willowbridge Mall. I have kept the glass bottle for when I press my own juice.

In My Kitchen October 2011 juicebox

Cindy gave me these lovely cupcake wrappers – I have used 6 already 🙂

In My Kitchen October 2011 cup cake wrappers
cup cake wrappers

I bought these wasabi peas at Pulp, but they are not nearly as good as the wasabi nuts.

In My Kitchen October 2011 wasabi peas
wasabi peas

I did not name Molly after this bottle of wine!

In My Kitchen October 2011 miss molly
miss molly

Here is our Miss Molly cleaning up! She is right under the butcher’s block. This is her first taste of granola.

molly eating granola
molly eating granola

Have a super October everyone 🙂

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22 thoughts on “October 2011 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. I just got myself a crepe pan here in Thailand this week. It was a lovely surprise. I just love to make crepes, and I haven’t cooked any since coming here. I thought I was going to be reduced to cooking it in one of my non-stick pans. Thais have crepe-like desserts here made from rice and coconut milk. I’d like to get hold of the pan they use to cook it. But it comes in 1.5 ft diameter!

  2. Hmm, I must have missed the lovely post when Pete was putting everything over from my AppleMac to PC or however you are supposed to say it.
    Loved seeing inside your fridge!
    Have a happy day.
    🙂 Mandy

    1. The inside of our fridge is a great way to see how wasteful we can be when people out there are starving. I am going to take a pic once a month 🙂

  3. Tandy, thanks for playing, and I’m sorry I’m late to comment! I can’t believe how neat and uncluttered your fridge is – you need to stand back when you open ours to avoid the things dropping out at you! 🙂 Lovely cupcake wrappers too!

  4. Ha ha – we’re are all the same wavelength this month. I have dogs in my kitchen too. I must buy some of that Nomu rub – there is a stockist in Dubai and I’ve heard very good things about it. Reminder to get a fuu fuu too (sounds better than a conical sieve!)

  5. I’m catching up!! It was great to see what was inspiring you this past month. Hope you are well, T – I seem to have lost contact with you a bit 🙁

    Molly is adorable – a lot like Zoot. We’ve nursed Zoot thru parvo, she made it & is fine again. Hugs.

    1. so sorry to hear Zoot was ill 🙁 Poor baby. They do look so similar. Molly had a litter and each time I see a puppy I wonder if it is one of hers. The litter she had was with her previous owner who abandoned her! Hope you are well xxx

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