October 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

I am not sure where the months have gone, but they have flown by at a rapid rate of knots.  We are creeping closer and closer to Christmas and yet winter refuses to leave us. The one and only hot day we had in September, Dave and I spent in the car driving from Port Elizabeth to Port Beaufort. We went to watch the whales and spend a night at the mouth of the Breede River. Without further ado, let me showcasing October 2012.

          in my kitchen ….

is a packet of coffee beans that are going to be used in a unique way soon!

coffee beans waiting for a special recipe October 2012
coffee beans waiting for a special recipe

          in my kitchen ….

is a veggie peeler and can opener which I won from Kitchen Aid

I won October 2012
I won!

          in my kitchen ….

is my birthday present from my sister. This is one amazing whisk – I have a steel one – and decided I needed a silicone one for my scrambled eggs

my new whisk October 2012
my new whisk

          in my kitchen ….

are white radishes from my garden. I picked these few to see how they taste and so far I have cut some up and added them to a broth

white radishes from my garden October 2012
white radishes from my garden

          in my kitchen ….

and made them into pickles using Claire’s recipe

Pickled White Radish
Pickled White Radish

What is in your kitchen in October 2012?

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36 thoughts on “October 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Tandy, can’t wait to see what you do with the coffee beans! I love those little plate whisks – I have two, but not a silicone one (which would be very useful for non-stick pans). Your radishes look very fine indeed! Thanks for the peek into your kitchen! 🙂

  2. It must feel so satisfying to pick radishes from your garden and then to pickle them. They look wonderful too.

  3. Dear Tandy, have you changed the banner photo? Love it! So pretty. I start my day with a fine cup of coffee, so am glad to see you have some good coffee in your kitchen. The radishes look delicious. Kathryn Elliot recently posted some pics or a recipe using black radishes. They look stunning in a salad. Love your pickles. ; D

    1. Hi Lizzy, yes, I did a new banner photo and thank you for the compliment. I am off to search for Kathryn Elliot now – have a super day 🙂

  4. I love those lavender and lime cheesecake photos…stunning…You have to have good peelers in a kitchen..I brought back 2 from SA

    1. thank you Kate. The silicone whisk is so that I can whisk my scrambled eggs in the frying pan as I am cooking them – I have a coated pan which does not take too well to steel 🙂

  5. Hi Tandt, Love all your new goodies in the kitchen and those radishes do look divine. Thanks for sharing

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