October 2013 Showcasing In My Kitchen

It is unbelievable how quickly a month has gone by. And more importantly, how quickly 5 months have gone by. This month Dave and I are heading to the South of Italy and now I am really counting down the days. So, without any ado, here is what was In My Kitchen October 2013.

In My Kitchen October 2013 ….

is a bowl I received at the Taste / Glacier bread making event. I was an invited guest and still got to go home with a goody bag full of wonderful treats, including this bowl.

Bread Making Bowl

in my kitchen ….

is the Amarula cake I baked to test out my disposable baking tin. I was quite impressed with the way the cake come out of the tin, and this is certainly a great way to take a home made gift to someone.

Disposable Baking Tin

in my kitchen ….

is my first batch of home made spaghetti using my pasta extruder. I am so pleased with how this works and I am looking forward to experimenting a bit more and then sharing a recipe with you.

Home Made Spaghetti

in my kitchen ….

is a signed copy of the Taste recipe book. Abigail hosted the bread making day and she signed this copy for me.

Taste The Cookbook

in my kitchen ….

is a dough cutter and scraper. Summer is nearly here and so I will be back to making sourdough bread by hand soon and this is a handy tool to have.

Dough Cutter and Scraper

in my kitchen ….

are goose eggs! My friend John uses ducks and geese to keep the snails in check on his wine farm and he incubates eggs to keep his population steady, and for his show ducks. He also sells ducks, and the eggs at the estate. I was given these eggs as a hostess gift and we have had 2 for breakfast – the yolks are huge and I am going to make pasta with them soon. The dates on them are the date they would have hatched had they been put into the incubator.

Freshly Laid Goose Eggs

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