October 2014 Showcasing In My Kitchen

Has another month just flown by? It is the 1st of October and it is time to share with you, and with Celia from Fig Jam And Lime Cordial what is new and exciting In My Kitchen October 2014.

We ended up sleeping over at friends a few months ago, and when we woke up in the morning our hostess had a baking tray loaded with croissants for our breakfast. They come ready made and frozen before the second proving from a local bakery. I went out to buy a bag, and we have been enjoying these for breakfast over the weekends. I am going to perfect a recipe to make these at home, as the list of ingredients from the store bought croissants is not worth reading!


In 2006 we were given a very second hand dishwasher that has been slowly giving up its will to work. For the last 2 years we have had to turn the dial to advance it through various stages. A few Friday nights ago we had friends for dinner and I stayed up in bed reading waiting for the dishwasher to get stuck – it is quite audible. I did not hear anything and eventually fell asleep. On the Saturday morning I took the dishes out of the dishwasher without really paying attention to where the dial was. It was only when I loaded the next lot of dishes in that I realized it had not quite finished the cycle. It did not get stuck but turned itself off. On the Saturday it switched itself off again without finishing the cycle and on the Tuesday it would not turn on. Not wanting to have to hand wash dishes over the weekend, Dave and I went to choose a new dishwasher on the Thursday. I had two requirement – that the bottom level rungs could lie flat for pots and that it had a drawer for the cutlery. The Bosch met these requirements and have a few extra features that are fantastic, including a valve on the hose that will turn the water off if there is a leak!

Dish Washer

An exchange of gifts saw me taking home a dozen of this season’s duck eggs. I love them scrambled but I set 2 aside to make duck egg pasta when we had John and Dorothy over for supper. The duck eggs come from John’s farm so I thought it would be apt to feed him something made with the eggs.

Duck Eggs

As part of the #MissionSamsung challenge I was sent a goody bag. This included a flask which I will make good use of when I travel to Hermanus to see customers. I can now have coffee on the go #bonus


With much excitement I received my very own copy of Jerusalem. I made poached chicken the first night I got the book and the day after that I made chopped liver. This has to be the most amazing birthday present and it was sent from my dear friend Kim who lives in Perth. She shopped online with Yuppiechef and was most impressed with their service. This is why I think they rock!

My obsession with vinegar continues and this month I got myself a bottle of raspberry vinegar – and as I opened it I could smell raspberries! I think there will be some raspberry pavlovas coming soon!

Raspberry Vinegar

At the recent media event I attended at Waterkloof I was given a block of Healey’s Slow Matured Cheddar. This is an exclusive, raw milk cheddar made in limited quantities and aged for 12 months in perfect conditions. There are only 700kg of this cheese available and so far I have made my way through three of these blocks. Dairy cows are pasture fed in a specific pasture for this seasonal cheese which has a strong nutty flavour. The 3 week season runs from the end of September and the cheese is hand made and retails from the estate at R46 per 200g wedge.

Slow Matured Cheddar

Dave and I are due back from France today. You can read our daily diary of our trip by clicking here.

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