September 2011 Showcasing In My Kitchen

I have to give a big thank you to Celia who blogs over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, for initiating this. This is a great way to record what is new in my kitchen, and for me to get a peek at other blogger’s kitchens. I went to Johannesburg at the beginning of September 2011, and Cindy gave me a few mystery ingredients! We will be sharing these with you soon:

© mystery ingredients

Cindy also kindly gave me a bag of something that tastes like I think a volcano would taste like. I am not sure how to make good use of this ingredient!

© black salt

My mom came back from Cannes with a lovely apron for me, and this amazing mustard for Dave.

© gifts from cannes

I went shopping with a friend of mine at Melrose Arch – it is wonderful to shop there on a Saturday as there are no crowds, a lovely market and a good selection of shops and restaurants. I got myself this tiny measuring tool – to match the 2 cup one I have:

tablespoon measure

I decided that I needed more light in my kitchen. This came about as we actually live in our garage and so the house we are building has blocked out all the natural light in the current kitchen. It has also taken away my sea view!

© light fitting

Dave and I had a dinner party and we decided to serve individual meals. Sue kindly gave me two red Le Creuset mini cocottes as a gift, and I got two black ones to match them.

mini cocottes

We had the kitchen painted and so I wrote this message on my heart black board that I got last month. This message matches one of my widgets! I have changed it now to read it is the company, not the ingredients that make the meal.

© heart

In March when I went to stay at Cindy, these lovely pictures were in my bedroom. They are a great background for my photo’s and now have a permanent home above the kitchen door.

gifts from Cindy

For being such a loyal customer, Le Creuset gifted me this lovely rub – we used it the other night, and one teaspoon goes a long way!

© nomu spanish rub

I bought myself a new cook book. I ordered it in June and it finally arrived this month. It is sitting next to my bed for me to start paging through.

© alice waters

Dave made a handle for my butcher’s block to hold my frying pans, as they were getting scratched in the cupboard.

© butcher’s block

and last but not least – and this is not part of my kitchen but I have to share it – my new blackwood dining room table with the new place mats.

dining room table

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