September 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

I am not sure where August went but it is already September 2012! And last week Wednesday I thought it was Thursday all day. And then, I thought it was 2013! Somehow, I woke up on the 1st of September not realizing August was done and dusted – which is why my In My Kitchen post is late. No excuse really. I usually work on it all month, but I did not one part of this post in August!

In My Kitchen September 2012

Is this lovely pizza stone! I was convinced of its worth by Celia and it got used straight away. I have baked bread on it, made a few pizza’s and used it underneath a baking tin, and you can really tell the difference. On top of the pizza stone is a glass scraper – this is a really cheap item that we sell, and it works amazingly well to clean the stone.

pizza stone with glass scraper

          In My Kitchen September 2012

Is my own, signed copy of my friend Sam Linsell’s recipe book Drizzle and Dip. I will be reviewing it soon, but don’t wait for me to tell you what is in it. Go ahead and get a copy for yourself.


drizzle and dip

          In My Kitchen September 2012

Is a gift box from friends. It contains a bottle of olive oil, and a bottle of balsamic vinegar and a very special bottle of wine from Vergenoegd

my favourite wine and some lovely olive oil, and balsamic vinegar

          In My Kitchen September 2012

Is strawberry jam – made using fructose and apple pectin in my bread maker. For those of you who have a jam setting in your bread maker, I can highly recommend you use it. For this batch it came out of the bread maker perfectly. A little too sweet however as I did not add any citric acid or lemon juice!

my first batch of jam made in my bread maker

          in my garden ….

Are beetroot, celery, lambs lettuce, white radish, parsley, mint and coriander. Thanks to my blogging friends for all their inspiration!  I did not know there were beetroot seeds lurking underneath the ground when I planted the celery! I have now bought some markers to show where the seeds are hidden! The carrot seeds are hopefully going to sprout soon.

in my garden

          In My Kitchen September 2012

Is a view of my condiment cupboard. I resisted lining everything up (Sue, take note!) before taking my photo, and only three things are labelled. There is my apple butter which failed, gooseberry jam made with grape juice and tomato ketchup.

my condiment cupboard

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