September 2015 Showcasing In My Kitchen

We leave for Scotland on the 3rd of September 2015, but before I can even think about packing later on today, I am sharing what is new and exciting in my kitchen in September 2015, with all of you, and Celia from Fig Jam And Lime Cordial. I was sent Canderel with sucralose so that I could make a Coconut Banana Loaf. I will make good use of what is left of this product as I have a few cakes to make that will need frosting.

Canderel With Sucralose

They also sent me a set of measuring cups that are sturdy and have lovely handles. These have been put into the drawer for everyday use, replacing the ones I bought about a year ago. In my new kitchen I am going to have to sort out all of these things into one drawer.

Measuring Cups

When we were at The Restaurant At Gabriëlskloof I bought some of their olive oil. It is fantastic and I will buy the 2l one next time we visit.

Gabriëlskloof Olive Oil

I was very lucky to be a guest of Good Housekeeping at their annual Celebrity Bake Stars Event. I was sent home with a huge goody bag full of edible delights. Some of them I have kept but the biscuits went to my 95 year old Mother In Law as a treat.

Good Housekeeping Goody Bag Edible Gifts

There were also a lot of items for the kitchen and I love the whisk! Some of the items I have already and don’t need doubles, so these have been gifted to my stepson, James.

Good Housekeeping Goody Bay Kitchen Items

You might recall I spoke about the Tupperware egg separator? Well, imagine my surprise when I was sent home with a huge bag of Tupperware from the same event, that included one. I have no need for more Tupperware – this is the plus side of having started a kitchen over 20 years ago, James and Carli have more use and a newer kitchen and so I have ‘swapped’ my goody bay for all the kitchen items that they have borrowed from me and not yet returned.

Tupperware Items From Celebrity Bake Stars

Together with The Ultimate Snowflake Collection recipe book, I was sent three of Snowflake’s Pre Mixes. These too were sent to James as I have run out of pantry space! This is the one shortfall of having such a small kitchen.

Snowflake Premixes

Disclosure: I was not asked by anyone who gave me gifts to blog about them. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

Dave and I are overseas in Scotland from the 3rd. I will be back in my office on the 16th of September and I will start replying to comments then. I won’t be able to read any blogs while we are away so please forgive my lack of visiting back. To follow along with us, click here.

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