Infused Honey

I sell the most delicious honey from a boutique bee keeper in Wellington. I was inspired by Carey when she posted about Rooibos Syrup and Marisa when she mentioned a few interesting flavour combinations, including cinnamon and star anise, to spice up your breakfast. So, I made my own infused honey.

Infused Honey
Infused Honey
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Infused Honey

Recipe Category: Baking
Makes enough for: 500 grams
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 5 lavender flowers
  • 500 g raw honey


  • place the lavender flowers into some muslin, or a loose leaf tea tea container
  • put this into the jar of honey and replace the lid
  • allow to stand for a week on a windowsill that gets sunlight
  • remove the lavender and enjoy!


* my next flavour combinations - star anise | lemon | ginger | lime | cinnamon

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Much has been written about the health benefits of honey. And about how important bees are to our survival. What I can add to this is the importance of using local honey. The closer the hives are to where you live, the more beneficial the honey will be. Nearly everyone I know complains about sinus issues. This is because we live in an environment where pollutants are in the air. Not only from industrialization, but from nature as well. Many people suffer from post nasal drips due to pollens and other allergens. And eating raw honey is so good in adding a natural anti-histamine to our diet. And if the bees gather pollen from close to where you live, the honey you eat will have these same pollens in it. Try and find where your honey is coming from. Ensure that it is raw, and contains nothing other than honey. If it is too cheap it is properly not honey! And keep in mind that you should not give honey to children under the age of 12 months.

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16 thoughts on “Infused Honey

  1. I was searching this and came across your method…brilliant. Going to do some lavender infused honey as gift favors for my wedding!!!

    1. of, that is so great! Did this come up on a google search? My lavender bush was just ready for harvesting when the wind killed it 🙁 Have a lovely day xxx

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