Ingredient Challenge: Cranberries, Ground Cinnamon And Oats

Ingredient Challenge: Cranberries, Ground Cinnamon And Oats

The challenge is to use the following ingredients: cranberries, ground cinnamon and oats plus anything else to create a dish of your choice. Remember to leave a comment here for me to say you have done the challenge. I always use these three ingredients when I make my granola so the challenge for me this week is to come up with a new recipe using these same ingredients. They do tend to lend themselves to sweet dishes, and more specifically breakfast dishes. I can make rusks or berry bars. What recipe can you come up with using these three ingredients? Are they a pantry staple in your kitchen like they are in mine? I find ground cinnamon to be an amazing spice as it can be used for both sweet and savoury dishes.

Berry Bars


They say that great minds think alike – 40 minutes after I posted the challenge, Zabwan posted this awesome pasta recipe from Justin Bonello’s recipe book. Cindy has contributed a recipe which will also feature in Sasha’s Suppers. Libras Child pasta dish is a great Tandy Tuesday recipe – and there will be enough for left overs.

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