Cream And Nam Pla | Ingredient Challenge

Ingredient Challenge: Cream And Nam Pla

This is my tenth ingredient challenge in this format – if I ever get the time I will tidy up my blog and have the format the same for each challenge. Here I challenge fellow bloggers to use a set of ingredients to come up with a recipe. Much like a mystery box where you have to use what is given to you as well as making use of your very own pantry. The challenge this week is to make a dish using cream and Nam pla (fish sauce). I love using fish sauce but one does not really associate it with cream.

I have been very busy in my kitchen doing challenges – sadly, not my own. I cannot find shin for my give away challenge – but if you can and want to, enter the challenge and stand a chance to win something. I have been taking part in the Enkosi Cookathon – check back tomorrow to see what I made.

Vietnamese Picnic Rolls For The Cream And Nam Pla Challenge
Vietnamese Picnic Rolls

Once you have done the challenge, leave me  a comment so that I can link back to your blog. You have to have a link to my blog on your post in order to be listed.

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9 thoughts on “Cream And Nam Pla | Ingredient Challenge

  1. Nam pla. Sounds like an anagram. I shall go and scan the shelves of Sainsbury’s to see if they stock it! Gracious, two visits and I’ve already learned two new things. I’m off to Cornwall so I shall procure some fish and have a go: I won’t be in time to join the official chalenge I fear, but I’ll have a go anyhow. Thanks, Tandy 🙂

    1. looking forward to what you make Kate. I have had a brief visit to Cornwall, and we got some lovely fresh fish there 🙂

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