International Scone Week 2017

International Scone Week 2017

I am hosting International Scone Week 2017 which takes part from the 7th to the 13th of August. If you would like to know where this tradition started, please read this post from Celia. We had an amazing turn out in 2015 but only 8 recipes last year. I hope we can make it a bumper collection of awesome scones this year. There are so many varieties of scones one can bake. My friend Alex says they have to be sweet, served with jam and cream. The age old question of course is whether you put the jam on first. Or the cream on before the jam?

International Scone Week 2017
Ginger Ale Scone With Orange And Ginger Marmalade
How to take part:
  • Create and blog a scone recipe and post it during the time frame.
  • Link back to this post in your blog post.
  • Use the hashtag #ISW2017

It really is as simple as that. I will showcase all the recipes on my sidebar for the entire year.

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Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime July 29:

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45 thoughts on “International Scone Week 2017

  1. Splendid, Tandy. Can I do two? I have a plain scone and a cheese scone recipe. Great idea.

  2. I love scones but they are one thing (well one of many) things I have trouble with. We have famous pumpkin scones here in Australia but I really love date scones too.
    Maybe it is time to try again.

  3. Bring on scone week! Such a cool concept. I love how it was just made up!

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  5. Didn’t make any scones for scone week but drooling through all the comments here, I’m pretty sure I’ve been living in a dark cupboard somewhere, scones sure have come of age. Delish!

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