January 2019, Showcasing In My Kitchen

Very little happened in my kitchen in January 2019. I started off the year not feeling 100%. We then went back to work, and my usual routine of making one recipe each day of the weekend begun. Sadly, the first weekend saw one failure so somehow I am going to have to catch that up. We also went away for motor racing so that was an entire weekend accounted for.

Gas And Electric Hob

These were installed ages ago, but the gas hob has yet to be connected. We need spciialised installation for the gas lines. These will go to the hob, our fireplace and the outside BBQ. I am hoping this will be completed before winter.

Carving Board

From the cut outs of the hobs we decided to make carving boards. Sadly the one was shaped on the wrong side and so it cracked. But at least we have one now that will catch the drippings.

January 2019 FOMO Box

The January 2019 FOMO box had a few repeats. The paella rice and seasoning being one of them. I decided to open the box from August 2016 (OMG) and will start using that. It is vacuum sealed so at least it has not gone off. The chilli oil will be gifted to James as he likes things hotter than Carli’s palate allows.

Olive Oil

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The label is blurred, but only because I had my camera on the wrong setting. The olive oil is pressed from olives that grow in a friends’ garden. She gave me the bottle as a gift and I used it up within a week it was so good.

Tea Cake Mould

I bought this tea cake mould to make sweetie pies. I am also using it to set ice cream in for photographs. And I am thinking about using the mould for panna cotta. But, I am still undecided.

This post is part of the #IMK series, hosted by Sherry. Pop on over to see who else has showcased what is new in their kitchens this month.

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