June 2021 Showcasing In My Kitchen

June 2021 started off like it was summer. We had unseasonal weather followed by true winter. Wet and cold with a hint of snow. By the end of the month we had not seen the sun for 3 days! This is very typical of the Western Cape where I live and I know for some, what I call bitter is just a mild winter’s day.

Savoury Dishes Showcased in June 2021

I started off sharing a recipe for cream cheese and spinach ravioli, made with cake flour and not 00 flour. Sticking with the pasta theme there was a recipe for bone marrow pasta. I have made this numerous times as I love bone marrow. But as Dave is not a huge fan and I won’t be making it again. In order to make my baby back ribs, I shared a recipe for the honey teriyaki glaze as well as a five spice rub. One cold day I baked some quinoa bread, which was served with soup for lunch.

On The Sweet Side

Dave barbecued a berry crostata which made for a great dessert. I made pomegranate jam which ended up on top of scones as well as on the bottom of a frangipane tart. This jam was so good and I have pomegranates left over that I might make a larger batch. There was not much baking this month mainly because James baked a cake for Father’s Day, and I had a lot of left over sweet things.

One New Thing In My Kitchen

When I was in my twenties I bought a regular size tea strainer. Eventually after a lot of use, the little lip part that keeps it balanced on a cup, broke. I have been looking for one since then as I use it to strain my gravies. Eventually I found this larger tea strainer. And no sooner had I bought it than I saw loads of them, in all different sizes!


I have always used Glad products as I find they make the best baking paper available in South Africa. I like the cling wrap as it is perforated and therefore easy to ‘cut’. And I use the sandwich bags for my egg whites to store in the freezer. There is meant to be a hack to use oven bags for popping corn, but I just cannot get it to work well enough to share with you.


Chux is a new to me product, even though the items look familiar. The magic erasers came at just the right time as Dave is on his next project which is putting together cupboard units. The pieces always arrive with pencil markings, and the eraser gets them off with little effort. I use the superwipes in place of muslin when making ricotta.

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June 2021 Showcasing In My Kitchen, is my July submission to the #IMK series, hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens. 

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