June 2022 Showcasing In My Kitchen

On the 1st of June 2022, Dave and I headed for the UK. The first part of our holiday was spent with friends in London. During that time I did a little bit of shopping (as one does), and we caught up with friends from Zimbabwe, and with my Aunt from Johannesburg. Funny that we had to cross the equator to see them. We ate out, met new people and saw family. From there we went to the Cotswolds to do some exploring, and after that we headed for Abingdon. Our time there was all around family and it was truly amazing. We came home to storms, warm days and cold nights. Not a typical winter at all as we have not had any snow!

Savoury creations in my kitchen

I shared a recipe for beef cheek ragu which is perfect for winter. Beetroot pasta was made several times until I perfected the recipe. Then there was minestrone served with mozzarella and sun dried tomato bread.

On the sweet side

After making the chocolate buttermilk cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting, I made lemon cream cheese frosting. This was the perfect topping for the carrot cake cupcakes that I baked.

One new thing in my kitchen in June 2022

I am a sucker for trying new coffees and the Limited Creations from L’Or caught my eye as the box was so colourful. The coffee was great which was an added bonus.

This is my July submission to the #IMK series hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens.

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