November 2013 Showcasing In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen November 2013

When Celia started sharing with us what is new in her kitchen each month I am sure she had no idea that over 40 people would link up to Fig Jam And Lime Cordial to show what is in their kitchens. I must say that this last month I have not had the time to pop in and see what everyone displayed. My time was rushed with planning our overseas trip and making sure that my work was all up to date, and that my blog had posts on it. Without further ado, here is it, November 2013 and what was in my kitchen.

In my kitchen are three more espresso mugs. I got these when I spent a voucher that was a part of a goody bag from a bread making course I was invited to. I now have 7 of the 8 I want!

espresso mugs

in my kitchen ….

is a Butter Bell® butter crock which has been sent to me for review. This came about after I posted about my Le Creuset butter crock. This is a task for November!

Butter Bell

And, that is it! I have nothing else to share with you this month. Just short and sweet.

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