Le Creuset Evening At Silwood

I’m not big on liking pages on Facebook as I consider Facebook to be my private space. But given the fact that I have an awesome collection of Le Creuset items and that I am a serious fan of theirs, I have liked their page. When they asked who wanted to attend a Le Creuset Evening At Silwood, my hand went straight up and I was among the lucky group to be chosen.

le creuset cherry

Dave dropped me off an hour early and I sat outside being kept company by the Silwood Labradors. It was raining and a cup of tea would have gone down a treat but the staff were busy preparing for us. I was really excited to have been selected but my early arrival put a bit of a damper on the start to my evening.  The Silwood kitchen was not ready and the staff were shouting at one another. I sat and observed the staff ambling around, smoking, scratching inside their ears while I waited patiently and I regretted not taking my jacket out of the car before Dave left.

le creuset gifts

All our mise en place was done by the staff for us and all we had to do was the actual cooking! The evening started with a glass of champagne and then Melody, my partner, and I started our pastry. Hers was a perfect circle but mine fitted into the tart tin which is what mattered to me. While we blind baked our pastry shells we moved onto the filling of our apple tart and then the watercress soup. This was accompanied by white wine and good conversation. We then finished off the assembly of the apple tarts so that they could bake and then, red wine in hand we started on the fish. There was much laughter from our side of the kitchen!

apple tart

We used a cast iron dish I do not have and I am adding it to my birthday wish list. Dave arrived back in time to sample the fish and warm, out of the oven apple pie. Not only did we go home with food, we went home with new friends AND a gift bag from Le Creuset. Thank you Gill for your warm generosity. The evening ended with a few drinks until our chef Gary decided it was time to leave.

evening with le creuset at silwood

While we were cooking I discussed with the owner of Silwood a knife skills course. If you are interested in attending this, let me know and I will forward you the details.

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