Lockdown And The Knock On Effect

Lockdown took on a lot of different meanings around the world. Knowing that it was out of my control, I chose to look at it with a positive attitude.

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Hard Lockdown

Our initial hard lockdown was meant to run for three weeks starting from the 27th of March. With only four trading days that week, many of our customers cancelled their orders. I budgeted as carefully as I could, knowing we would return to work mid April. However, this did not happen as our hard lockdown was extended for a further two weeks. Despite being able to go back to work a week before that period ended, we did not do much in the way of sales. I knew that even more strenuous budgeting would have to come into play for the month of May.

The knock on effect

Even if hairdressing salons and beauticians had been allowed to trade after the initial five weeks, I would not have been able to afford the luxury. And this is where the knock on effect is going to come into play. I cannot justify paying for a treatment if I do not have the disposable income. But, that means my beautician will not earn anything from me until my situation recovers. And by the time she can get back to work her financial position could be dire. So, the people she employs could be out of a job. And having to pay rent on premises while one is not working could mean that some people find themselves without a place to work from at the end of this.


One of the worst affected industries will be the tourism industry. Many people here are self employed; being owners of guest houses and bed & breakfast establishments. With travel slowly resuming one can expect many people to be without an income for a long time. And many small tour operators will go out of business as the financial aid made available to them will not be enough. I can foresee many people losing all they have worked for as their debt will be too high to service.


We love eating out, but it is a treat and not the norm. Another knock on effect for us personally is going to be when we next dine at a restaurant. They have only recently opened for sit-down trade but even getting a takeaway is not going to happen in our near future. Many restaurants operating on the brink of disaster will have been pushed over the edge from the lockdown. Despite being allowed to open, we currently have a curfew which means night trade will be affected. And alcohol cannot be sold which will also effect the bottom line.

Was it worth it?

This is the hardest question to answer. For many people, their lives were not affected by lockdown. Computer programmers, accountants and people who could work from home continued as usual. For those who are still not at work because their industry is not yet considered essential, their lives have been affected. Some may never recover financially. We are going to see more and more people unemployed and in need of financial assistance There will be more people who declare bankruptcy. But, our healthcare system could not take a full onslaught and we needed the time to equip our hospitals. It was a case of saving the lives of many at the expense of jobs and income. And in that case, saving the life of one person saves the entire world has to apply in my opinion.

I am blessed

Blessing come in many forms. I am blessed that I have a roof over my head, food on my table and all that I needed to get through this initial phase of lockdown. Gratitude remains my contant mantra. I am grateful for my good health and the fact that I can work. Life will never go back to how we knew it. And all over the world people have been facing this pandemic in different ways. I have so much to look forward to and I am keeping my positive attitude. Life is good and I hope you feel blessed!

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To a life well lived in 2020!

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