Lovely Blog Award From My Friends

I am glowing! My friends Camilla, Shazzie and AD have given me this Lovely Blog Award:

Camilla, I am so blessed to know you. You are truly an inspiring person who has overcome much adversity in your life to become an amazing mother, and a beautiful friend. Shazzie, thank you for being a part of my blogland, and AD, you too! I am thrilled to have so many new friends 🙂

The conditions of receiving this award are:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award
  • Reveal 7 random facts about yourself
  • Choose 5 other people who you believe deserve the award and pass it on

7 things about me

  1. I am not afraid of snakes – this is a good thing, as they often visit my garden
  2. I believe in using essential oils for everything, including cooking
  3. I have a dream of owning my own deli and have already named it
  4. I would love to have someone bring me breakfast and lunch every day
  5. When alone I love to eat soft boiled eggs on toast with cheese and chutney
  6. My weirdest food combination is cheese and peanut butter
  7. I have to have something sweet every day
My five:
I could do more …

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