Loving This Year

One of my blogging friends has this awesome post theme of loving this week on her blog and I really love it! I think it is so important to give thanks, and whereas this week is no different from many other weeks, I thought I would jot down some reasons to love this year.

  • work wise things have been tough and I took a huge reduction in salary. But, I am grateful that my business is running, I have managed to keep my staff employed and my turnover has grown
  • socially we have had a great year spending time entertaining and being entertained by friends
  • on the home front our house is coming along in leaps and bounds. The roof is nearly completely done and the upstairs is being finished slowly but surely to my perfecting standards
  • I have worked this year with some amazing company’s: Woolworths and Eat Out being two of them
  • I have attended great functions and met fantastic people, sampled new products and learnt interesting things
  • I have given away things on my blog and to that end – well done Chantelle on winning the Top Ten Home Cooks and to Zirkie for correctly guessing Vinca in My Fynbos Garden post
  • I have been advertising on my blog which meant self hosting my blog. I am so grateful for the opportunity
  • I took part in challenges and competitions and was nominated as a top 10 finalist in the Eat In Awards as well as some other awards which I did not share with you
  • I am grateful that I am on leave – until the 9th of January I won’t be blogging that much but I will be changing a few things around on my blog (if I can get internet access) and updating some of my recipes to ziplist
  • I am grateful to every subscriber to my blog, especially those of you who stayed with me during the move and my consequent reposting of 800 recipes!
  • I’m grateful for every comment I receive and all the friends I have here from all over the world – you are what makes this place of mine so special
  • And last but not least, I’m grateful for the support from my husband who taste tests every recipe and helps me get them right before I share them with you
  • Lastly, I chose to register for the SA Blog Awards 2012 knowing that my blog is not big enough to win as it is by popular vote, and some blogs in this category have over 100 000 readers, but, if you would like to vote for me, I will be grateful for that as well.

Hope you have all found something to love about this year!


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