Macaron Challenge Round Up

Macaron Challenge Round Up

This is the Macaron Challenge Round Up: Gaby was the first one to complete this macaron challenge and the only one other than me to post about it as far as I know. Thank you Gaby for challenging us to really expand our skills! For a very comprehensive ‘lesson’ make sure you follow the link. I know that some people tried this challenge – if you posted about it please let me know.

Macarons With Whipped Ganache Filling

Leaine’s late submission to the Cajun spice challenge is a lovely pasta dish. Shaz has finally challenged herself to make a carrot cake – with a health twist.

So often I read on blogs that people are challenged by making macarons. I must say that with trial and error I have perfected a recipe. But saying that, I always buy them from Ladurée when we are in Paris. I will use any excuse to fly via Charles de Gaulle just to get this treat. Dave and I have our favourite flavours. His is pistachio and mine is café. Do you have a favourite place you buy macarons? Do you prefer to make your own? And which is your favourite flavour?

See this week’s challenge which ends on Sunday.

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