March 2014 Showcasing In My Kitchen

Another month has rolled by and my has it been hot! February is our traditional heat wave month and it arrived and did not let up. Midnight showers to cool down were in order and much barbecuing was done. Salads were served and our al fresco dining area saw much activity. There are a few new things in my kitchen this month, March 2014, and as usual I am linking this post to Celia from Fig Jam And Lime Cordial who hosts IMK each month.

al fresco dining area

The most amazing gift was given to Dave and I by our dear friends John and Dorothy. Dorothy is from Scotland and she collected a series of Glenfiddich tins titled the clans of the highlands of Scotland. She had given all but 1 away when she moved to Stellenbosch 12 years ago. We invited them for dinner on Burns Night and she remembered that she had one tin left over from her collection and decided it would be a great gift for us. When she went to dig it out of the cupboard she saw it was Clan Sinclair. How amazing is that?? This is one gift I shall treasure for ever as it emphasises how good friends are there, waiting to be met, at any stage of your life.

Clan Sinclair

I do not usually buy many foodie magazines but this is my copy of the January Fresh Living as my friend Sam’s recipes are in it. She won Freshly Blogged last year and a recipe feature was part of her prize.

Fresh Living

Dave and I do not eat carbohydrates in the evening and I often feel like making noodle dishes. My supplier recently added these buckwheat noodles to their range and so I got a pack to try. Buckwheat is related to sorrel, knotweed, and rhubarb and is not a grass! I will give some feedback once we have tried them.

Buckwheat Noodles

When I was in Johannesburg in December visiting my Mom for her birthday I went shopping at the Pick N Pay on Nicolway. This is a fantastic store, only bettered by the one at the V&A Waterfront. I saw these dried mushrooms which my Dad gave me as a gift. Aren’t I lucky!

Dried Mushrooms

Another supplier has added wine salt to her selection and I could not resist this. We are now using it for everything that goes onto the barbecue!

Wine Salt

I have never made popcorn from scratch. I have always made microwave popcorn and even though I have been very successful with that, Mark has managed to burn the microwave by burning the popcorn. It took years before the smell dissipated. I am now braving up and will try and make my own popcorn which means I get to play with the flavours!


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