March 2019 Showcasing In My Kitchen

March 2019 started off with us having one arrangement for the entire month. The only thing we had planned was our endurance race. Thankfully this month is was a local race and we did not have far to travel. But no sooner had the month begun than plans started accumulating. I cannot say the same for items in my kitchen. This month there was very little spent as really there is not much I need.

FOMO Box March 2019

The March 2019 FOMO box was very food centric. I took the Buttanut to work as my last jar had just run out. Dave climbed straight into the biscotti and even though they were not very crunchy, they were very tasty. Friends came around for dinner and the one guest enjoyed 2 of the Pura drinks I have in the fridge. The O’Mega crunch and 2 teeny bags of granola were added to the bulk batch I made for work. Dave and I are not huge fans of thick-walled mugs. But, I made us milkshakes straight after taking this photograph and as the mug was out, I used it.

March 2019Round Cake Tin

I bought this round cake tin as the spring form tin is not always suitable. It is a 20cm deep tin, and the bottom is loose. This is really great for getting cakes out of tins. I used the apple cake recipe it came with to test it. And it worked like a charm.

Round Cake Tin

Horn Mould

I bought these horn moulds on a whim and finally made use of them when I wanted to style a photo of ice cream. I used my tuile recipe to make the cones and they worked perfectly.

Horn Mould


This is the third one I have bought for my kitchen! The probe for the first one did not last, and as Dave did not really like it, I bought a new one. This one was supposed to work on Bluetooth but the App was terrible. However, it gave a series of beeps when the food item got close to the temperature so that was good. But the probes failed. Dave is under the impression this one will be better. I sure hope so.

Thermometer March 2019

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15 thoughts on “March 2019 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Ooh I like the idea of a thermometer letting you know when something is close to reaching temp!

  2. hi tandy,
    thanks for joining in with IMK this month. What do you use the thermometer for? Sounds like it has a hard life:-) I haven’t seen organic cinnamon before. sounds good. i don’t think i have the patience to make my own ice cream cones. well done! cheers sherry

  3. We also went through a series of temperature probes for cooking indoors and outside. Our current favorite is a probe from the Thermo works company: — they make several reliable devices.

    I hope you have a very pleasant April!

    best… mae at

    1. I looked at the site but they do not deliver to South Africa. I saw it on your blog and thought it looked pretty good 🙂

  4. Tandy, my mind must be on Spring (here) — thought you said you used your TULIP recipe for the cones — I’m sure tuile tasted better! 🙂 Haven’t used a thermometer like that yet, but it seems handy. Hope it holds up. Your apple cake looks yummy, too. I like the depth of your new baking pan! xo

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