March 2021 Showcasing In My Kitchen

On the 26th of March 2021 we had been in lockdown for exactly one year. The year has not been experienced the same way by everyone. And I am extremely aware of just how blessed I am. I have said this over and over again but want to say so again. I am blessed that we have kept up with the mortgage payments on our house. Especially now as we can see the light at the end of that tunnel. I am grateful to not only have kept the business going, but to have seen growth. Hopefully that will continue. Whereas we might not have travelled overseas since November 2019, we managed some time away during the year to travel locally. Lots of cooking and baking took place in my kitchen during hard lockdown and now I am really doing it for pleasure.

Sweet treats in my kitchen March 2021

I made blueberry cheesecake pancakes on a few occasions as they are so easy to whip up. There was a batch of coconut biscuits so that I could make a peppermint caramel tart. And last but not least I baked an orange olive oil cake which has had some interesting comments across various social media platforms.

On the savoury side

Soup was the order of the day with two recipes, one for a green bean soup and the other for courgette soup. No month seems complete without at least one bread recipe, and this month there were two. I made a pumpkin seed loaf and several batches of buttermilk flatbreads. I tested the recipe for avocado hollandaise from Jamie Oliver’s recipe book Veg, and it received a thumbs up from everyone. Wanting some comfort food I made potatoes boulangère from my favourite Chef’s recipe book, From Nature To Plate.

One new thing in my kitchen in March 2021

This is not really new, but the first time I have used it! In 2019 my parents sent me some Asian pantry ingredients. I made a stir fry a few weeks ago (not blogged or photographed) and decided to open the black bean sauce. It is so good and I might have to create a recipe to make my own when the bottle is finished. I added it right at the end of the cooking process with some sesame seed oil and soy sauce.

This is my April submission to the #IMK series, hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens. 

Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime April 7:

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