March 2022 Showcasing In My Kitchen

March 2022 was quite a month for us. We had the kids and Hannah over for a family meal. And then friends for a fish braai with their puppy and children. Holly was delighted to have another playmate for an afternoon. Dave, Eric, Bev and I went away for the long weekend. And I did less baking than usual.

On the sweet side in my kitchen

I started off by making a spiced caramel and magic chocolate sauce to take to friends. This was the topping for some store bought ice cream. But as I had left overs, I made a spiced caramel ice cream for us to enjoy at home.

So much more on the savoury side

I started off making quiche pastry for a bacon and leek quiche. And then I made chilli coriander butter and pistachio rémoulade for my lobster rolls. I also had some horseradish that did not have enough of a bite for me so I used it to make horseradish cream that features Hot English Mustard.

One new thing in my kitchen in March 2022

Many Afrikaans words are similar to Dutch ones, even though some of them are completely different. I bought these artisjokharten in Holland. I have never seen them labelled in Afrikaans in South Africa. But if they were, we would call them artisjok harte. This brand was not fantastic but we ate them all the same in pastas and salads.

This is my April submission to the #IMK series hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens.

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