Marinade Challenge Round Up

It is always so rewarding to complete a challenge. And here I share with you, the marinade challenge round up. I have so many marinade recipes and it is always difficult to choose between them.

Marinade Challenge Round Up

Leaine is a blogger who is tackling the world of food intolerances – she has come up with an interpretation of the ingredients to suit her diet – and her Inspired Chicken Curry was the first entry to this week’s Marinade Challenge Round Up. By popping over to her blog you will also see Lea’s contribution to the previous challenge. The stuffed, baked Brandy pears are sure to be a winner during the cold winter nights.

Lea’s was not the only late submission for the previous challenge – Fired-Up Cooking has put in her contribution for something sweet for the braai – really worth taking a look at.

Supagran made some lovely looking lamb steaks on the braai and some porkies using chilli jam in place of the Sambal Oelek. Roy replaced the Sambal Oelek with a small red chilli to make a stuffed marinated roast chicken.

If there is anyone else who made something, please let me know! Don’t forget the sweet tart challenge ends this Sunday.

Barbecue Sauce for the Marinade Challenge Round Up
Barbecue Sauce

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  1. I made lamb tagines for my UK guests, but we were so busy visiting that I forgot to take pics, so I guess I miss this one. Will make up for it with the sweet tart.

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