Market On The Wharf, V & A Waterfront

My friend Camilla and I used to go shopping every Saturday together. We would start early in the morning and have coffee, then shop before stopping for lunch, shop some more, have more coffee, shop some more and then go home after spending the entire day together. It was a wonderful time in my life! But, I now live quite far from her, and our shopping sprees are few and far between. A while back we decided to give the Market on the Wharf a try.

Market On The Wharf

Situated at the Victorian and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town, the venue offers plenty of parking and easy access to the market, as well as the other shops and places around the V&A. We started our day with coffee before browsing around the stalls to see what we would buy. We chose some cheese – I got a very nice blue cheese to take home.

Buying Cheese

I took a good look around all the stalls and chatted with some of the vendors, one of which is a supplier. I gazed at tea pots well outside of my price range and after a lot of looking, Camilla and I decided to get a smoothie.

Camilla getting a smoothie

At the time we went to the market I had been approached by Lavender at Lavender Hills to do a food demonstration for them. I offered my services free of charge but despite this they never got back to me with a firm date. I used the opportunity to take a look at the demonstration area at the market, and while I was there we tried to ask someone for more information as to how it worked, but sadly the person on duty could not really help us. We finished our morning off with Camilla purchasing a few items to give as gifts and to keep for herself from Froggit.

Camilla buying from Froggit

I would not rush back to the market – it is a far drive for me and there are other markets in the area I would like to visit. I would suggest however that if you find yourself at the V&A Waterfront that you pop in and have a look at what there is on offer.

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