May 2021 Showcasing In My Kitchen

May 2021 was bracketed by two weekends away. The first was spent in Tulbagh with Eric and Bev. And the second at a gourmet getaway in Swellendam. Friends of ours from Knysna met us there and we had a superb time.

May 2021 Savoury Recipes

I started off by making a tahini and soy dressing to go with spicy roast potatoes. A great loaf of sandwich bread was proved overnight and eaten the following day. And I made a sun dried tomato bread that was a little bit more intricate. If that was not enough bread, I also baked a Japanese milk bread to use for lobster ‘rolls’. We ate beef barbacoa a few times as I made the recipe twice to perfect it, and cooked enough for the freezer both times.

On the sweet side

As I had an abundance of oranges, I dried them in my oven. These were used to decorate a tart as well as served as a garnish for duck breasts. We devoured a batch of pistachio and cranberry cookies as well as the tea biscuits I baked. I baked a huge batch of cinnamon bun rusks to deal with afternoon cravings. They store very well so are perfect for big batch baking.

One new thing in my kitchen

Well, not that new as my dad bought this for me when he went to the Asian grocer. This sweet bean paste was used to make my XO sauce. The recipe will be shared on the blog next month.

Sweet Bean Paste

This is my June submission to the #IMK series, hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens. 

I learnt yesterday of the death of Kim Bultman, who might be known to bloggers as A Little Lunch. I ‘met’ Kim through an IMK post and I wish her family peace in this time of loss.

Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime June 2:

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