Merry Christmas December 2012

To all my readers,
With every good intention to post regularly while on leave I’ve been unable to do so. We have no internet at home which is pathetic. I’m hoping Vodacom South Africa will refund me for the past two months as we’ve barely had EDGE coverage. Paying for something I’m not getting irks me. Thankfully I have a BlackBerry phone and PlayBook with MTN, another service provider in South Africa. I’ve been able to read blogs and make phone calls. I have the WordPress application on both which has kept me in touch with all comments and so I’ve been able to respond to each message left for me. Please take a read at my previous post if you have not already done so. I’ve given thanks for 2012. And on that note I want to wish you, your family and your friends a Merry Christmas. May the day hold only blessings.
Edit: sorry for those of you who got this 4 times in your inbox – my app published it 4 times but told me there was an error – lesson learnt for next time 🙂

Merry Christmas