Not Quite Nigella, Lorraine Elliot

This is my review of Not Quite Nigella, a book by blogger Lorraine Elliot.

I am so glad that life conspired to make Lorraine a full time blogger and that I stumbled upon her blog one day. When Lorraine’s book about her path to happiness through baking and blogging was published I asked my sister who lives in Sydney if she would get it for me for my birthday. Lorraine sent Kerry a signed copy and this was brought back to South Africa by my mom #luckyme. Hopefully one day I will get to Sydney to meet Lorraine.

Not Quite Nigella

This book is more than a recipe book, it is an extension of the blog and by reading it, I know where Lorraine started in her blogging life and how she got to be a full time blogger. She shares story’s we have not read on her blog as well as some amazing recipes. I did not know you could keep a master stock and I was quite upset on one hand to read I could, but so excited on the other hand that I could make Lorraine’s Kevin (page 130/131). Her recipe for master stock will appear on the blog in some future post, but in the meantime I want you all to know that it has such a great depth of flavour and I cannot wait to use it again. I used it for the first time to poach some hake in.

Master Stock

Lorraine has the most amazing writing style and shares so many things about her life. I have never once questioned the names she uses on her blog for her family members so I was quite surprised to see their real names in her list of gratitude at the end of the book. I am not sure if you can get a hard copy where you live but if you can, I suggest you rush right out and buy yourself one! If you cannot find a hard copy then download the eBook here.

The book contains 22 recipes, all of which I would like to try and also tips on how to blog, and how not to blog. These are worth reading, no matter what stage you are in your blogging career, whether it is right at the beginning or like me, over 4 years in.

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