November 2018 Showcasing In My Kitchen

November 2018 did not go to plan. We went away motor racing and I fell behind in my blogging. Instead of being a month ahead, I am a day ahead! Not a space I like to be in. But, life comes first and hopefully in December I will catch up.

Canister For Rooibos

This is the last one I need. Rooibos translates to red bush and I thought it would be fitting to get a red canister. This was bought the first week of November 2018, the day before the Christmas sale started. Lucky for me they passed on the discount.

Canister For Rooibos
Herbs For Fish And Pasta Alla Norma

Dave found a lovely small shop in Siracusa selling herbs, spices and teas and I bought a bag of fresh herbs for my pasta alla norma. The following day at the market in Ortigia Dave bought fresh herbs to use with fish. We had also purchased fresh fish for dinner that night and the herbs were perfect. Since then we have used them with our local seafood and we have given a packet away to a friend of ours who brings us fish.

Herbs For Fish And Pasta Alla Norma

This was our second visit to Sicily and this time I made sure to come back with a bottle of Marsala. I used it for zabaglione, and we have used it to make a mushroom sauce, and with chicken dishes.

November 2018 #FOMO Box

The November Food On Monthly Order box contained items that have mostly been put away. The marinated mushrooms were scrummy and I am going to try to replicate them next month. The digestive biscuits were very crumbly and Dave snacked on them when he got home from gym. The knife has been used and is so pretty with a cheese board.

November 2018 #FOMO Box
Stoneware Dish For Dips

This stoneware dish was on sale and I think will come in great use in my kitchen. So far I have used it for my smokey red pepper dip and butter bean hummus. In December I plan on using it to make baked camembert.

Stoneware Dish For Dips
This post is part of the #IMK series, hosted by Sherry. Pop on over to see who else has showcased what is new in their kitchens this month.
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23 thoughts on “November 2018 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. ha ha – you are addicted to Le Creuset stoneware, aren’t you? I think the canister is perfect for your tea. It’s lovely in its own right but I like your clever sly wink with the colour. I hope you enjoyed Hanukkah and had lots of latkes and laughs.

  2. I Love that red canister! And I recently discovered that Rooibos is the main ingredient in my facial mask from the Made from Earth products ~ which I really like. It makes my skin look great!

  3. Your commitment to “real” cannisters is impressive — I keep reusing cookie boxes and reclaimed jars, and my pantry is not at all beautiful!

    I look forward to images of your little red dish filled with good things.

    best… mae at

  4. I know what you mean by life coming first… I have let my blog languish for a few weeks due to work and family, but like you I will get back into the groove soon. I love, love, love Marsala and use it in quite a few sauces. Your FOMO box is a treat. Enjoy December!

  5. hi tandy
    love the red canister and the stoneware dish. it’s always great to have herbs in the kitchen too. Marsala is such a great flavour; good for making all kinds of sweet and savoury dishes. thanks for joining in IMk this year, and have a great festive season. cheers sherry xx

  6. I always have Marsala on hand – this year I used Nigella’s turkey gravy recipe for Thanksgiving and was surprised to see that as one of the ingredients. I bet the bottle you brought home from Italy is way better than what I’ve got in my pantry. That smokey red pepper dip in that bright red Le Creuset dish – I’m picturing it and salivating. Yum. Merry Christmas!

  7. Those Le Creuset pieces are beautiful, the casserole is the perfect size for dips or baked cheese and such a cheery color. My pantry certainly needs a reorg. I keep waiting for a few rainy and miserable days when there is nothing else to do. Have a wonderful holiday!

  8. Tandy, you look to be well stocked coming into the holiday season. A nice bottle of Marsala and that Le Creuset canister looks dandy.

  9. Tandy, as always, it’s a pleasure seeing what’s up in your kitchen. Sorry to reply so late… I’m in the middle of a nasty cold sipping lots of Rooibos tea! 🙂 Love your latest Le Creuset additions, including the canister. I’m also wishing I could “de-code” the contents of your herb packets. 🙂 Any hints? Happy Holidays!

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