November 2022 Showcasing In My Kitchen

My decision to reduce my blogging schedule in November 2022 really helped a lot! I am feeling less stressed to get recipes tested and perfected. And I know that going into my December holiday I don’t need to make three or four things a day. Work wise, this month could either be very busy, or extremely quiet. I am of course hoping for the former. Our industry shuts down for four weeks over the Christmas period which basically means I will earn one months’ income for an 8 week period if we are quiet.

Recipes for November 2022

I created only one recipe of my own, being apple tahini blondies. It is traditional at the Jewish New Year to have apples dipped in honey. But I wanted something different so made these for dessert with a honey cream. The rest of my recipe sharing was in order for me to review cookbooks. I made a poppy seed cake with white chocolate icing. I am not a huge fan of poppy seeds, having been ‘traumatised’ in my youth by hamentashen. But this cake was divine, and the icing even better. I cooked pork neck melanzane and it was so good that I have bought more pork neck which I am going to cook down and use as a pasta filling.

In My Kitchen

In March we went away and I bought a new bowl to use for photographs. This is really unusual for me, but I love using smaller bowls to show what I have made. I also ordered some miso and kombu from one of my suppliers. These are both for a recipe which I still have not made! I have however used the miso and it is such a great ingredient.

This is my December submission to the #IMK series hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens.

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For those of you who only pop in once a month to my blog, I wish you well over the December holidays! 

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