Onion And Cider Soup

According to Liam, to achieve both the colour and sweetness required from the onions for this onion and cider soup, they must be cooked slowly over a low heat until all the water from the onions has evaporated. The sugars have to be released to achieve beautifully caramelised onions.

Onion And Cider Soup
Onion And Cider Soup
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Onion And Cider Soup

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Onion And Cider Soup

You need to let the onions cook for a long time to achieve the perfect sweetness
Recipe Category: Soup
Makes enough for: 4 people
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Tapas page 185


  • 40 g butter
  • 450 g onions, peeled, cut in half and thinly sliced
  • 2 sprigs thyme
  • 330 mls cider *
  • 10 mls fructose, (if your cider is dry)
  • 650 mls chicken stock
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper to season

to make it a creamy soup

  • 70 mls cream

to serve

  • 100 g local hard cheese (I used Boland)
  • 1 slice of bread per person


  • Place a heavy based saucepan over a medium temperature
  • Add the butter and leave to melt before adding the onions
  • Lower the temperature and cook until the onions are soft and a lovely golden brown colour
  • Add the thyme and give the onions a stir before pouring the cider into the saucepan
  • Add the fructose if using a dry cider
  • Leave to simmer until the cider has nearly completely evaporated
  • Add the stock and leave to simmer for 40 minutes
  • Season to taste and at this stage, if you want a creamy soup add the cream and cook for another 5 minutes
  • Adjust the seasoning and discard the thyme stalks before serving

to serve

  • Preheat the grill and lightly toast your bread
  • Divide the cheese between the bread and place under the grill to melt
  • Serve the soup in warm bowls with the cheese toasties on the side


* I used a dry cider as that is what I had at home. The recipe calls for a sweet cider.
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime October 14:

To a life well lived in 2020!

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  1. I use a KN 95 mask, one because I am now high risk due to the high blood pressure and two because they don’t cling to your face and your nose and mouth have a bit of space. Thanks for this great recipe.

  2. Like Baked French Onion made with cider–genius! I am having trouble with my glasses fogging too, especially since the weather’s been getting colder. Will have to try your fix.

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