Oryx Desert Salt

I only believe in telling you about a product if it is one I use myself! I was so impressed with this product when I tasted it at The Good Food and Wine Show that I have added it to the list of items I sell. Here is some more information about the oryx desert salt.

Oryx Desert Salt
Oryx Desert Salt

There are 7 Good reasons to use ORYX desert SALT:

100% pure

It is absolutely pure, naturally crystal white salt as it has been traded ounce for ounce for gold from 8000 years ago.

Unprocessed / no additives

Exactly as nature intended – we have not added iodine, anti-clumping agents or preservatives neither processed, washed nor refined the salt.

Vital minerals/trace elements

From its rich underground source ORYX desert SALT has a relatively high mineral/trace elements content. These are in the right proportion for your body to utilise and absorb for optimal functioning, vitality and health of the body.

Sustainably harvested

Three underground streams converge in an ancient underground lake, from which the brine is pumped up, laid on the pan in the hot African sun, under the stars and moon till sun-dried. The salt is then harvested and packed into bags. This process is not depleting the natural source and is continually renewable and sustainable.

280 million years old

The Dwyka rock formations over which the streams flow and from where the Sodium Chloride (NaCl) & the minerals/trace elements leach, were geo-scientifically tested and found to be between 250-300 million years old.

Pollution free

The ancient underground lake is situated in the Kalahari desert basin of 2.5 million km2 in a region that has never been inhabited or used for industry and is therefore as pollution free as one can get.


ORYX desert SALT has a unique and exceptional taste, which doesn’t change only enhances and enriches the flavour of your food.

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47 thoughts on “Oryx Desert Salt

  1. Hi Tandy, where can we get it? In the article you say you have added it to the list you sell? Have a fab Sunday Tina

  2. This is really good. i have four different salts in my pantry already for different uses. I might look about and see if I can get it over here. Which dishes do You like to use it with.? c

    1. Hi C, this is the only salt I am using right now as it is local and sustainable. I have switched over from the Himalayan and Iranian salts and found this one is great – and you don’t need as much as other commercial salts to get the same salty taste 🙂

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