Ostrich Fillets With Clemengold Juice

Using truly South African ingredients I made Ostrich Fillets With Clemengold Juice for dinner.

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Living in a converted garage means that there are really only two rooms in the space. Our kitchen, dining room and lounge is one big open plan area. So, with Cindy relaxing on the couch, she really was sitting quite close to the kitchen. Dave had come home and was helping me prepare supper and Cindy asked us if we ever fought? Dave, with his wry, dry sense of humour told Cindy that I shout at him all the time. In reality, we don’t fight. Cindy was watching us cook in unison – discussing what needed to be done and how best to do it. A typical evening in our home. In some instances, this question could have resulted in all sorts of sticky situations. But, for us it is easy – there is really nothing to argue about.

Ostrich Fillets With Clemengold Juice

I pan fried some ostrich fillets which I had lightly seasoned with salt and pepper – we like our meat rare so I did them for two minutes on each side. I then squeezed the juice of one clemengold into the pan – you can use clementines or mandarins – before removing the ostrich to allow the fillets to rest. I let the juice reduce until nice and sticky before pouring it over the ostrich.

A simple supper 🙂

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