Packing For The Plane

Keeping in mind that you have to drag your carry on luggage with you from when you check in, until you get on to the plane, I would not recommend packing it to the brim. Even though our cabin luggage is on wheels, it can still get heavy. Dave and I pack one carry on bag between the two of us for the flight. Our suitcase has a front pouch that fits my tablet, and another section which takes Dave’s laptop. As each piece of hand luggage can only weigh 7kg’s, I take my PlayBook out of the pouch and put it into my over the shoulder bag for the security phase of our departure. Dave’s laptop has its own bag, and so he carries this until we are through security. In the suitcase section we carry all our electronic items, including our Garmin and chargers and the camera. This I do not leave to chance as I have once had my suitcase broken into for the laptop charger. I also pack a plug adaptor suitable for the country we are travelling to, as well as a multiplug. I carry with me all my medication as well as a prescription from the Doctor listing what I am carrying. This is an extremely important piece of paper, especially if you are travelling to Australia. I keep with us the paper print outs of our bookings and the insurance documentation. Dave has a copy of these on his laptop as well. I pack a down travel pillow for the plane as well as a change of underwear in case our suitcases do not make it to the other side. Dave packs a change of clothes as he travels in summer clothes and mostly we head to winter / cooler weather on our trips. We also carry with us our jackets as some airports, especially Zurich, are cold. Also, we land quite early so the sun is usually not warm when we arrive. Dave has a book for reading, and I read whatever is on my e-reader. I pack toothpaste and toothbrushes as these are no longer supplied in economy class. And I also have an eye mask and ear plugs as light and sound bother me when I am trying to sleep. I keep face wipes, moisturiser and night cream with me, as well as hand cream and lip ice as the plane can really dry your skin out. And of course deodorant to feel fresh when we land.

Packing For The Plane

Is there any one thing you have to have with you on the plane when you fly?

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Dave and I are away in the UK and we will be back at work on the 8th of May. I will start replying to blog comments then. You can read our daily diary of our trip by clicking here.
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26 thoughts on “Packing For The Plane

  1. I pack almost exactly the same as you!! I also bring a washcloth in a ziplock bag so that I can have a quick sponge bath in the loo before I land anywhere. It makes me feel SO much better and perks me right up so I can press through that first day of jet lag. 🙂

  2. HI Tandy…A big cashmere scarf and water are the musts for me.
    Good tips! Have a good flight! 🙂 ela

  3. Love this! I will have occasion to revisit and revise my own packing skills a few times in the months ahead, so no doubt I’ll refer back here for a good nudge! 🙂

  4. I pack both our hand luggage allowance but with pretty much the same stuff. Used to pack a little bottle of water too when we were allowed it! Have a wonderful trip!

    1. We have only once taken two pieces of hand luggage, and when we went on the barge where there was so little space!

  5. pretty much the same as you! I also upload copies of all my important travel documents (passport, flight/accommodation info, insurance etc) and an itinerary to a shared folder in dropbox that can be accessed by me, my hubby, my brother and my sister-in-law. Just in case anything happens.

  6. This is such a useful post, I just literally throw in whatever i can find then lament when I forget the important things!

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. I have just written a post on my blog about what I take when I travel. I also take my chargers and cords in my carry on, my iPad and iPod, phone and important identification, as well as antibacterial wipes, chapstick, tissues, meds and ear plugs. I also have to take food as I have a number of food sensitivities that make it impossible to order special meals. I usually take nuts and a protein bar and some therapeutic chocolate!!! Enjoyed learning your travel packing tactics.

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