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After years and years of travel, and many flights, packing is second nature to me. If you need help with packing your suitcase, then hopefully my method will help you. I pack the afternoon before we fly and it takes about half an hour from start to finish. The reason it takes such a short time is that I am very organized and I have a packing list! Dave and I each have our own suitcase. Mine is the largest allowable size as per the airlines and Dave’s is one size smaller. My suitcase gets all of the extra bits and bobs and Dave only gets his clothes and shoes. As the bottom of our suitcases have ridges to allow for the frame, I start by packing the ‘smalls’ until the space is filled and I have a flat surface. I then pack all the clothes I need. As we usually stay at least one night somewhere before our long stay accommodation, I set aside the clothes we will need for the day we arrive, the following day as well as my pyjamas. This means I don’t have to unpack completely for one day.

Packing Your Suitcase for The French Countryside
The French Countryside

I then pack our toiletry bag. This is where my list comes into play. I top up all the containers before we go overseas and then leave the bag as is for the short trips we do during the year locally. Here is a basic list and remember, if you forget it at home, there are shops where you are going!

  • Facial care products
  • Body care products
  • First Aid Kit including scissors
  • Sunblock (I never go anywhere without this, even in winter!)

As we choose to go the self catering route when we travel I also take my own knife and a bag containing a salt and pepper grinder, dried mixed herbs and dried chillies as well as a BBQ seasoning.

Once these items are in my suitcase I pack in a pair of sandals and a pair of walking shoes. I then put in the clothes I have set aside and top that all with the inner liner of my jacket. This means that if it is very cold when we arrive somewhere I can get the liner easily. Dave and I unpack completely when we arrive at our long stay accommodation and we use the large suitcase first to take all the items that will need to be laundered when we get home. We will then pack the last few days of clothes into the small suitcase so that we only have to open one case for the last few nights if we are moving around, which is usually the situation.

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25 thoughts on “Packing Your Suitcase

  1. Tandy, that’s fabulous advice, thank you! I’m a terrible packer, but I don’t travel very much either, so I haven’t had lots of practice. I’ll refer to your tips the next time we have a trip planned!

  2. Smalls to make a flat bottom is a good idea, never thought of that one! Especially useful for trolley suitcases, the wheels and frame take up so much space…

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