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The similarity between the paneer and tofu challenges didn’t end with the process. It ended with me not actually making either. I do not have a good excuse for ignoring the challenge for paneer and tofu. Basically, time got away with me. I don’t feel too bad about the tofu challenge as Alex has not even posted his experiment and shared with you what we tasted! I have the soya beans in my pantry and I will get around to completing the challenge eventually. I do however feel very bad about the paneer challenge. I saw today that the post for the challenge was sitting in my draft folder instead of it being published on the 2nd. I have had so many things on my plate this month that I just have not found the time to make paneer. I have created the rod for my own back and I am grateful for how full my life has been. Maybe in December I will find the time to get on top of things. And maybe I will get to make both paneer and tofu.

Chicken And Paneer Kadhai

I want to say thank you to Nicola for issuing the challenge and to Teresa for making paneer. Please pop into her blog and see what she came up with.

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