Peaches For The Something Sweet Challenge

Something Sweet Challenge To Use Peaches

This week’s challenge is to bake something using peaches. This is a seasonal fruit that divides our house. I love the dessert variety but Dave does not. Because of this, I tend not to buy them. Dave prefers the yellow cling variety. I buy these and will eat them but they don’t really lend themselves to baking. They do however lend themselves to preserving. When I can find them I buy the flat doughnut varietal. These remind me of Italy for some reason. And I love to use these for baked desserts. The dried fruit can also divide people. I don’t particularly like the smell of some of them. And I prefer the softer ones, especially when I am using them to add to my granola or toasted muesli.

Previous Challenge

Being so tired, I have left the notes for my oyster mushroom challenge recipe at home! But, no-one else has submitted a recipe so I am not really that bothered. I will do mine later 🙂

Peach And Pistachio Rusks


to see what I did with my oyster mushrooms, please click here. Cindy found some mushrooms in her garden, which she did not use! To see what she made, click here.

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