Pear and Almond Ingredient Challenge

Pear and Almond Challenge

This week, you have to make use of the following two ingredients, pears – which are in season right now – and almonds for the pear and almond challenge. Dave is not a huge fan of pears, unless they are cooked. I can poach them in red wine or I can bake with them. This way he will eat them. I however love pears. As long as they are not too ripe. They need to have crunch as well as taste. Almonds are one of my favourite nuts. I keep a large container in our pantry and snack on a handful when ever I feel peckish. It is a whole lot better for my waistline than snacking on the tart I made for the challenge.

baked pear and almond tart for the Pear and Almond Challenge
baked pear and almond tart

You can add what ever else you need to make or bake something – post your recipe and photo on your blog and drop in and let me know when you have done it.

After the first challenge I have realized timing is important, in more ways than one. The challenge ends at midnight next Friday and the post about who has participated will go up the following Monday

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