Pickled Peppers | Preserved Using Fructose

The upshot of living in a coastal village is that I can walk on the beach everyday, weather permitting. We live very far west in South Africa, which only has one time zone. So, the second plus is that the sun sets really late for us, and we can enjoy daylight up until 20h00 in summer. The downside is how the rules change during tourist season. We can walk our dogs along the dunes 11 months of the year, but now that the out of towners have arrived, this is not allowed. We have to pay for parking along the beachfront 11 months of the year, but with the influx of holiday makers, the fees have been waived. We pay rates and taxes and yet 11 months of the year we barely see a police car – and now, there is visible policing. We spend our money 11 months of the year buying fresh fish, but over season, the prices soar. Our local drinking spot is suddenly full, we cannot get a table, and even if we could, the lack of service would not be worth it. The restaurants have put their prices up for our wealthier neighbours from up North. So, for 1 month of the year, we are housebound. We watch our well spent income making the holiday makers happy – they have clean beaches, free parking and access to all the amenities we ensure are open for them by our support during the year. It saddens me that during my holiday I am better off at home, where the food is good and the view thankfully great. So, to keep me busy, this December that just passed has seen me in my kitchen every day. I have made my way through a lot of recipes I have wanted to try and this recipe for Pickled Peppers is another one I am sharing with you.

Pickled Peppers
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Pickled Peppers

Recipe Category: Preserves


  • 240 g mixed peppers cored, piths and seeds removed and sliced
  • 1 red onion cut in half and sliced
  • 125 g fructose
  • 150 mls red wine vinegar
  • 2.5 mls salt
  • 1 stalk rosemary
  • 1 white onion cut in half and sliced


  • place the peppers, red onion, fructose, vinegar, salt and rosemary into a heavy bottomed saucepan
  • bring to the boil and cover and simmer for 30 minutes
  • remove the rosemary stalk, give the peppers a good stir and simmer for another 30 minutes
  • add the white onion, stir the ingredients and continue to simmer with the lid off for 45 minutes
  • and leave for 2 weeks before eating

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